Thursday, June 16, 2011

Relief Again!!!

Watch, just because my window AC has been installed and it's actually working after a three year siesta in the closet, our summer will be decent and I may not need it!!!  Yeah right, I doubt that one!  LOL!  It sure is gonna be just LOVELY sitting back and doing my stitching in normal temperatures in this place this summer.  Thank you Harold!

And not only for the above, but also the neato shelving unit he custom built for my closet and then installed this tonight.  Too bad I'm too tired to take the time and put away the tubs like it was designed to hold.  Oh well next week I'll finish off that task.

For now I'll just relax a might with my feet up on my new footstool that Harold also had to "fix" as Winners sold it with mismatched screw holes to attach the legs - DUH!!!  Good thing I got 24% off when I took it back to show them!!!  Yes, I'll take pics next week and show you then.

Good thing Harold & Joan are willing to barter my house/pet sitting  fees for Harold's handy work - helps both of us out!!!  Am I ever glad to know this too!!!  Thank you!

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