Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Back and Right At It Again!

Well last week I finished off my two crazy patched blocks for the Chain of Hearts group DYOB #3 (I missed out on #2) - this I think is ahead of time so hopefully I can keep on schedule with the weekly stitches called.  Here's the two blocks:

My own block awaiting embellishments
My swapping block awaiting embellishments

OK, I'm just back from a weekend trip to Dauphin for an extended family member's bridal shower and while visiting with Florence & Wayne I also got to visit/chat with Elsie too!  The bride-to-be arrived on the back of a Harley and in a short dress too boot!  WOW!!!  The shower was lovely and AWESOME party fancies to eat too! 

Afterwards Wayne drove us out towards Rainbow and Stony Point Beaches on Dauphin Lake - well as far as we could venture without trespassing restricted areas.  BUT talk about devestation based on high water levels from last year and this year's excessive spring runoff.  At this time the west side of the lake has encrouched of lower lying farmland anywhere from one to two miles inland - just awful.  Then on our way back we drove right into a storm front.  It was a might scary with the fork lightning too - was really glad to get back to the house where the storm had blown over already!!!  PHEWIE!!!


OK, I got back home about 6:30ish and promptly went to work in the sewing room to organize my closet shelving unit.  Somehow things just don't all go back as they came out.  Guess the shelves took away some space - BUT I can tell you I love it!  Anyways, NOW I can pull out the bottom bin without dismantalling the whole tower of bins - that definitely will make my projects mucho easier!

AND on either side, with the use of scavanged pant hangers I'm able to hang up my various quilted projects and not be overly folded and piled up like in the past.  Now I just have to pick up some type of plastic to cover them from collecting dust.  BUT now that I've tidied this place up so much lately hopefully I can keep the dust under wraps in future too!!!

Next I set up my new footstool (the one that Harold realigned the anchoring holes nice and solid like) beside my stitching chair with my awesome stitching lamp equipped with pattern clamp holder and magnifying glass (on wheels for easy mobility).  AND it does hold all my stitching threads nice and handy like and not so messy around my chair.  Now just to clean up more loose items and this area will soon be organized too!!!

Then to put the icing on the cake so to speak, I called my brother-in-law and found out my sister Sylvia is doing lots better.  Her blood calcium has dropped considerably and she's looking forward to some solid food sooner than later but finally after 2-3 weeks of IV she's finally unhooked and on liquids!!!  YEAH!!!  And hopefully Wednesday she'll have a walking cast put on her broken lower leg and able to stomp around rather than sitting all the time!  Her Drs will be making a decision as to her release this week and we're all praying she is ambulanced back to Dryden for more therapy on her leg there before finally being released home.  At least when Len visited her in Thunder Bay this last week they got to see that he needs a walker to get around so is unable to take care of her too.  So hopefully their Dr. will assist in arranging some home care etc like after her hip replacement surgery.  And their oldest daughter, Audrey, will be taking time off to help around the house etc when released.  PHEW, it's sure been a rough spring for Sylvia, but hopefully things will be on the upswing now they have corrected the problems.


PeggyR said...

Your work is lovely!

Barbara Gordon said...

Hi PeggyR, your place looks like a good working type environment. Your projects are commendable to...

Barbara Gordon said...

Sorry Rose Anne, that I put the wrong name in...! It was late and my face and eyes were swollen from a shot of cortisone in my neck area. I still like your set up though...!!!

Rose Anne B said...

That's OK Barbara, I do things like that sometimes too! THANKS though and soon I'll have a folding cutting table for that room too - just the wrong colour for now!