Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Week's Update

Yep I'm still dealing with a mouse situation in my apartment but the landlords and exterminator have been checking on it but dang it - it's just been a total nuisance plus lots of aches and pains as I have to keep moving my stuff from either out of the closets for checking or away from the heat registers for checking - that's from one side to the other.  Thankfully I'm given at least a week between these checks as I can't do three rooms all in one day!!!  BUT I will be very very very happy and relieved once this is cleared up and I can return to normal.  The GOOD thing coming out of this is my push to purge and clean up - heck soon I'll have it totally organized too!  Watch I'll not want to do anything for fear of messing it up!!!  LOL!

Well I'm once again house/dogs sitting this week (since Sat) and Sunday while out running a few errands I noticed that I had a low rear tire so I stopped and added air.  This was OK until Monday after work it was down again!  OH OH I musta picked up a nail.  Since I was not 100% this week I basically stayed home with the girls but thought today it was really really really FLAT and decided to call CAA since it was sunny out to get it changed.  WELL not even 45 minutes and he was here, changed and gone!  WOW!  He even gave me the gears that I was going to try and change it myself - "WHY, you've barely used your CAA and that's what it's for!!!"  So I'm glad I did call.  But there's a fair sized screw in that tire and not sure if it's patchable or have to totally replace it!  HMMM!

Good thing it didn't happen on Saturday last week as I had a mini Aurora Quilters quilt display on across town and this Saturday June 11th is our Northern Lights Lacemakers "Lace Days" from 1:00-4:00 pm at St. Peter's Anglican Church @ 755 Elm Street (at Grant Ave.) Winnipeg, Manitoba - display of bobbin lace and tatting - silent auction - some items for sale too.  So needless to say lots or coming and going but during the week I'm busing it to work and back - can't stand traffic hold ups at all.

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Barbara Gordon said...

I went to a L.A.C.E. day on June 18, in downers Grove, IL. Had fun and met up with some of my internet friends again. Same thing 2 yrs. ago. Was given a shuttle decorated by one Diane the librarian from 25 Motif Challenge. Do you do that? I purchase a new bolster pillow, a handmade purple bowl with a stick pin that goes through the center of it, so I can use it on a pillow. Also other things. Much fun..! Glad you had one to....