Monday, June 20, 2011

More Good News!

Well this morning I was able to talk with Sylvia and she sounds really good, even said she enjoyed a soft textured chicken meal last night – YEAH!!! The Drs said her blood calcium is back to normal and fast too after the thyroid surgery. And very soon they are changing her cast to a walking one and then discharging her, basically she does not need anymore hospital care. So that means someone has to drive to Thunder Bay Tuesday to pick her up when released on Wednesday and hopefully it’ll be early enough so they can make the return trip before dark. Once Len knows the particulars he’ll let us know too.

Also the postal workers are to be legislated back to work this week, if they had not settled in the mean time. SO I’S GONNA BE ONE HAPPY CAMPER ONCE THIS IS OVER – see I’ve many packages supposedly coming my way but held up somewhere because of the mail disruption – now let’s hope they are delivered without any work slowdown mischief. Canada Post had sent me an email to participate in a client survey – maybe they won’t like my reply – see I have beefs on all sides of this situation, with Canada Post making so many changes and wanting to go with automated services (majority of my mail does not fit the regular letter size slot), with workers not doing their job properly (my #10 is receiving mail constantly for #61 and the complaint process is the PITS period) or some finishing early and not filling their 8 hours of work and also with the Union tying the corporations hands too! Yeppers, as far as I’m concerned they are all at fault and it’s the clients that are paying the price. I cannot afford XpressPost all the time, nor can I afford courier services locally, never mind internationally.

As for my mouse situation, I finally found the source of the scratching during the night, it has been removed to the garbage and a TRAP put in its place. I pray that these !@#$% are finally caught and gone for good. See the pest exterminator supposedly plugged all holes into my apartment so that means whatever is inside can’t get out, so they better get trapped!!! I’ve had enough and want my place to me, myself and I!!!  And today the block owners passed on two large traps so lets see if these work any better than what I have now scattered around this place.

At least all this nuisance has a good side to it! I’ve managed to clean up over half of my place and soon it will be tidy and organized once again. No, it will not be a show home per se, but it will be a home once again instead of a storage unit. LOL!  And with my girlfriend's help I just may start some serious decorating and showcasing my handywork too!!!

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