Friday, June 03, 2011

Titanic Exhibition

At first I didn't think I wanted to go to this as it was quite pricey but our Dept Social Committee arranged for a group discount and last minute I joined in.  All I can say is I was very glad I did even if some of the times the story did upset me - knowing it was an actual life and death experience for many - not fictional.  One thing I can recommend if you are a slow reader like I am, is to pay for the audio equipment as I was in the last group to leave and I didn't READ all the notecards, but did read all the wallboards.  In the beginning you could get your picture taken and then at the end there were a few different scenes where they photoshopped you into the scene.  I picked two and bought them - that was the cheapest part of the tour.
"Sinking of RMS Titanic"
original oil by E.D. Walker
On Sunday, April 14, 1912, at 11:45 pm
Titanic was in collision with the iceberg.
At approximately 12:45 am on Monday,
April 15th, the first lifeboat was lowered.

'Titanic has gone sir'
original oil by E.D. Walker
A remark heard from the bridge of Carpathia.

Rose Anne photoshopped next to the wreckage.

Rose Anne photoshopped onto the Grand Staircase.
See the ghosted image of the Captain?

Sorry but I still won't watch the movie - seeing snippets is enough for my exciteable innards!  LOL!

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