Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FINALLY - I've Proof in the Trap!!!

Finally after like 3+ months I’ve caught the first MOUSE – let’s hope it’s the only one now that all holes in are supposedly blocked off!  And the exterminator wondered if I was hearing a squirrel in the trees because of my open windows!!!  I told her that three times I’ve moved stuff from my closet and out would run a mouse under my bed and still she didn’t believe me!!!

On Sunday when woken up once again, I sat on my bed to “determine the exact location” of the scratching and then I went to investigate.  Here it was attacking my royal icing doll which was covered with some shellac sealer – I didn’t consider this food but an ornament – HMMMMM!!!  So there I was at 2:00 am clearing the boxed items out and into the garbage and in the morning put one of the large spring loaded box traps in its place.  No more scratching that night and last night was quiet also.

Now every day both on waking and upon returning to the apartment I always check all the traps and ZIPPO so far.  Well not today at lunch time - I now have proof on my camera with the date and time of the mouse in MY OWN PURCHASED SPRING LOADED TRAP (not what the exterminator left me) which I’ll print off and tape above her traps for her to see on her next visit!  Wonder how many more there are, now that I’ve removed what they think was food for them?

So back to giving the apartment another thorough cleaning and then keep checking to see if more messes are spotted and keep checking traps for a while at least.  What a chore, but hopefully now it might be on the road to being mouseproof – holes plugged and all cleaned up???  Also I'm still sorting through my items and purging what is not needed or wanted to be kept etc.


pattas said...

Whew! what a little menace they can be..I often wonder how the heck they can squeeze in the smallest spaces and eat the most disgusting of things ..

Judy said...

You have been having a time of it! Hope your life is smooth sailing for the rest of the summer at least!!!