Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My DYOB is Finished!!!

Within the Chain of Hearts group we had an activity called DYOB where you crazy patched your block(s) and embellished with various embroidery stitches posted weekly - your own variation of that stitch.  Then we had a couple of weeks to finish off the block with our own imagination and these blocks should have a heart somewhere on it. 

Well Monday, April 18th, it started it long journey downunder to Rosemary W of Lower Wilmot, Tasmania, Australia!  Hope it arrives safe and sound.

So here are the first, second and third posts on this project and now the finishing pics.

Swap Block - Feather St & Kiko's Flower St

Swap Block - spider filler patch & flowing Chain St patch

My Heart Block - spider filler patch & Feather St patch

My Heart Block - Kiko's Flower St & yarn seam treatment

My Heart block - Straight/Chain filler patch & yarn seam treatment

Swap Block - Tatted heart filler

Both Blocks - doily filler with pearl beads
Swap Block - yarn seam treatment - Colonial Knot and seed beads fillers

My Own Heart Block - finished

My Swap Block - finished

If you are interested in see others' works on this DYOB project click here!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty work, Rose Anne. Gave me some ideas, too. I have a way to go before Sunday. Your Kiko's flowers are different with the buttons in the middle.

Judy said...

Incredible work! I am in awe!!!