Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Finally Home!

Yes it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks since Sylvia got the call for her hip replacement surgery March 28th (was told later in the summer maybe) and arranging for help once she was home.  So needless to say for me to get myself in order at work and home so I could help out too along with her daughters.  Yes she was lucky we could all juggle things and take a week at a time to look after the house so to speak and assist her where needed.  She's hoping that by month end she'll be able to get back in the saddle again!

All I can say is when I saw her last Sunday, I was at a loss of what to say and prayed that she'd pick up once she realized family was there to help her out so she could concentrate on getting better and not hindering her progress.  It took a few days but by Friday I noticed a huge difference in her and even the occassional letting go of the walker and taking a few steps then the leg lets her know what do you think you're doing so to speak and she quickly asks for her trusty walker again.  LOL!  And both the physio therapist and the nurse(?) to change the bandage say that she's a model patient in healing and recovery so far, so I hope that continues with this week's check too!

We had a few chuckles when I'd have to take a break from whatever I was doing - seemed I just finished lunch, started laundry and by the time items were folded, had to start supper!!!  I was beat a few days and told her so - she chuckled and said she wasn't making me work hard yet either - HUH!!!  Then I gave them both laughs when I said if I did this at home I'd have one heck of a clean apartment instead of this mess!!!  Hmmmm maybe I'll just have to get into this type of routine???  MMMM maybe not that intensive though!!!  I need my time for my stitching!!!

I also told her when I was leaving that I want her to take care of herself and not do anything to create problems as I truly want her to join me in the fall at our usual quilt retreat!  BOY would that be a change from the last two she attended while coping with the pain!!!  Not exactly the way she envisioned them celebrating their 50th anniversay this week!!!

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Judy said...

Now you get to rest, right? Glad Sylvia is doing well! My father has had a hip replaced twice, so I have some idea of the pain and recovery1 My thoughts and prayers are with her!! And you!