Monday, April 18, 2011

Farewell to "Mobird"

Ohhhh yes our mischievious, funny, kind hearted and generous to a fault Maureen S is leaving Manitoba for the bonnie shores of Nova Scotia end of this month.  We, the Aurora Online Quilters, have bid her a warm and touching farewell on Saturday during our monthly quilt group gathering!  Yes she'll be missed by many from Manitoba, the Prairies, but I'm sure welcomed with open arms by those in the East, especially their family members!

First off Maureen showed the completed Advent Calendar made from the "extra" 4" Christmas block swap held years ago!  I'll never forget this one - it's etched into my memory for prosperity that is for sure.  See I was plugging my iron into a dusty powerbar and POOF flames and smoke singed my hand and long hair as I was leaning over some item reaching for the plug!!!  Yeppers scarey and had me shaking for a few days!!!

CdnQuiltSwappers Advent Calendar

Here are a few of the pics taken:

I presented the goodies in a specific order as per Tami
She's checking out the label I made

This is the back - YES - awesome ain't it

And here is the front - TWO quilts in one!

Checking out things close up!

FAREWELL Maureen and Charles and Sadie, may you have a safe and uneventful journey to your new home!!!  LOVE & HUGS!!!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Rose Anne. LTNS - but I wanted to leave a note to say hello and that I'm glad you gave Mobird a good send off.

Rose Anne B said...

Thanks Cheryk. Yeppers we had a lovely day and it was the first meeting that started early and lasted the longest for a long while now!!!

Shirley said...

I enjoyed seeing the Pictures Rose Anne.

Good luck to Mobird. You will all miss her as will the WR girls at Sylvan lake this year! nice to see your work - you still do good work Rose Anne! shirley

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Shirley for the compliments!

Yes, I'm sure Western Canadians will miss her dearly but now Eastern Canada will find out what they've been missing out on!!!

OH boy look out Nova Scotia, especially the quilting guilds!!! They sure are in for some fun times with our Mobird!!!