Friday, April 01, 2011

More Purging

OK I just spent three hours (in between two loads of laundry) on moving kitchen and living room furniture to do some intensive and much needed housecleaning.  Along the process I took out a large bag of various items no longer of use to me and at least a half dozen coffee cans I was saving!!!  If I really do need them there will be more in the future from the office.  So half my apartment (including the bathroom again) is nice and Mr. Clean!!!  I even vacuumed the window tracks getting ready for the window washer hopefully before the AC gets installed for this summer of decent temperature/humidity control in this too hot south facing apartment.  Too bad I don't have the energy to do more, as it would have been very very nice to have finished the bedroom today too.  Oh well that'll be tomorrow mornings job then hopefully I can relax for a while before starting all over again!  LOL!

Yeppers, just some major tidying up of my computer and sewing items and this place will be ship shape again and ready for some entertaining like I used to!!!  WAHOOIE!!!  My friend said baby steps and to think positively.  Well it is working, just maybe not as fast as some would like my transformation to be!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Good for you! I've been slowly working on one room a week, but I haven't gotten into the deep, dark crevices and really purged as you have. Maybe when school is out, I'll have the energy to accomplish more!

arlene said...

How is it going Rose Anne? It's been almost a week....were you able to get more work done on your purging challenge....
I've been trying to do some too, but seems that fun stuff is getting in the way! meeting fun people is a whole lot more fun than struggling to clear stuff up!
Hoping spring gets to you really soon....hugs
arlene f