Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another CQ Block - in progress

Well I have SewBuds' Carol M's crazy patched block to work on and ship off this week and I like what I've done so much that I have to blog it even though the patch is not complete.  LOL!  See I was inspired a few weeks ago by Vivienne's "Butterfly Seam" that I could not resist and had to finally give it a try.  Now it definitely is not as uniformly stitched as her's and obviously I used too thick of thread and it's not as delicate looking but I LOVE IT!!!  Now hope Carol does too!

So here's what I did:
1.  Japanese Buttonhole Twist for the blue butterflies made with the Fly, even the side closures and Bullion knot bodies and French knot eyes
2.  Silk thread (really hard to stitch with as I have rough skin) and added the Blanket stitch edged wings and French knots within the wings
3.  DMC 1-strand metallic black for the Fly stitched antenna

Most of the seam
Here's a closeup of the butterflies - ain't they just adorable???

Closeup of the butterflies

Yeppers I've totally enjoyed stitching these and THANK YOU Vivienne for stitching them and posting the tutorial!  I sure have been learning a lot from the Crazy Quilters International group through their various Round Robins and checking out the photos various members post of their stitchery!!!  Yes, even the other CQing groups I'm in they too provide the platform that is quickly advancing my portfolio of accomplished stitches - even I'm seeing improvement in my details which is good!!! 

We all learn as we grow - if we don't then what's the point???


Vivienne said...

Yes, they are great Rose Anne. When I saw your butterflies, I had another thought. What about if we did them slight above the seam with only one wing and tiny little feet on the seam line, they would be walking along the seam..??? The mind never stops, does it? I'm sure the block owner will love what you have done.

Rose Anne B said...

WOW Vivienne that is a GREAT idea and I've another block yet too work on - maybe I'll just try that! AND more of a fan like wing as if it's closed - less wind resistance? Thanks for that idea too!!!

Bear said...

Rose anne
they are lovely - these are so gorgeously made sweetie I can see you and Viv playing with the way they should be positioned on or off or part way seamlines for ever gggg
love nhugs always bear xoxoxoo

crazyQstitcher said...

Neat butterflies Rose Anne
I like the buttonhole edging, it really finishes the wings off.