Thursday, January 19, 2012

TIAS - Day 3 and 4

Ohhhh I've forgotten to blog my Day 3 work so here it is and following that is Day 4.

Day 3

OHHHH BOY that SCRM!!! Guess it's my own fault for not "reading up on it" - NOOOO I just thought I knew and got myself in this mess.
No SCRM - Hmmmmm!

Then after some very very careful "pickings" I loosened the last two DSs of the closed ring (after realizing I was wrong) I managed to open up the ring and then untatting until I was at the beginning of the SCRM again. Then I found my NSAN beginner binder and READ up on that step. I then proceeded OK to the send part where I mixed up my shuttles and the close was not possible. So back to untatting again but at least it was simpler and this time I GOT IT RIGHT!!! YEAH, now will I remember this for next time????

SCRM accomplished!

Hope the rest goes easy Jane!!!

Day 4

OK here is my CTJ practice piece and I can see it being useful IF you use the same colour in both shuttles. I had used two colours as in the instructions and I could see what I was doing. ALSO this is the first time that I was able to tat and hide the ends - WOW I must be getting more comfortable with this stuff.

Continuous Thread Join

AND here is my Day 4 and it went well I think. Still no idea of what this will knot up to be!!!

CTJ and Split Rings

I also noticed that there are a few of us using this aqua green cotton. AND I too am enjoying seeing all the different types of tatting shuttles on the this blog/exercise. Hopefully this Saturday I'll be able to pick up some used shuttles from another tatter and maybe even threads - will see and naturally will blog if I do.

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