Sunday, January 29, 2012

Something New for Me!

This Sunday morning it's nice and sunny looking out there and I'm sure it's like a spring's coming morning temperature wise (a week or so ago it was -37C and frigid like) - go figure!

Well I'm working on my 4" Nickle Swap blocks and in cream/tan like and truly I've not much in that colour lace-wise.  SOOOO here I am following Judith Montana's tea bag dyeing steps and hope my first attempts turn out just GREAT!!!  Time will tell.  Right now they are in the tea bath and have some time to go.  If by chance this is finished and I have time to take pictures before having to go out to my Bobbin Lace/Tatters meeting I'll blog again, if not then when I get back late afternoon for sure! 

If this works I just might do some other attempts too.

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