Monday, January 30, 2012

Martin's Comfort Quilt

OK this is a bit tough writing this up a second time!  Within our Aurora Quilters Winnipeg group we have a married couple who just LOVE to quilt and cook and are just about always at our group's monthly meetings.  Well just recently Martin found out he has cancer and so Ricky and Val stirred the pot and got us moving on making a comfort quilt for him ASAP.  Tami and Wendy were cutting up 10 inch blocks and 2.5 inch strips for some charity quilts our group will be working on in March and they donated what we needed fabric-wise and Gail B donated the batting.  

So Sunday afternoon Wendy, Val W and myself met at Ricky's lovely and HUGE sewing room in her basement and in hours decided on the layout, with Ricky/Val/Wendy sewing to beat the band and me fetching the fabrics from the floor plans and also pressing the seams before the next rows were added on, made short work of it all.  It was Ricky's mastermind to use the donated braided borders and I would have just sewn them up square-like, but nope she decided it needed mitred corners.  Well Ricky I totally agree with you now - they make the front!!!  Then I brought the bright border/binding fabric and it was deemed the right choice.


Val W

Rose Anne

After five hours we JUST ABOUT finished the front - Ricky had two corners to finish off but she was tired already - Val and Wendy had to leave so I finished sewing the last two seams on the 2.5 inch stripped back and pressed that so it was totally finished.  Then Ricky finished off the front the next day and Tuesday with Val delivered out to Audrey and helped her put it onto the frame and left her to the quilting.  It didn't take her long and Wednesday evening she delivered it to me back in Wpg and after my supper/shopping with my sister I promptly went home and stitched on the Sunday prepared binding.


Then I finished off stitching the binding on the charity quilt I had clipped in place and quickly on Thursday reclipped Martin's quilt and after my aquacise class went straight home and stitched the binding on for a possible Friday evening or Saturday morning delivery. 

Front - completed quilt

Back - completed quilt

Guess I should have called on Thursday and then I could have done the stitching over the two evenings as it was arranged for a Saturday morning delivery.


Emotional while Thanking All!
Not sure what we were chuckling about!

I am so very very thankful to all for coming together and helping to get this comfort quilt going and finished within the two weeks.  And seeing Martin's surprised expression when he opened the package was worth all the long hours.  It fits him perfectly and I hope that it brings him much heartfelt warmth and prays from his "fellow" quilters!!!  All the best during your treatments Martin!

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