Saturday, January 14, 2012

CQd Block Finished

OK after a wonderful but many sore points found massage today, I settled into finishing off a crazy patch block I've had for awhile (no mailing in December).  So here are two of the Sew It Up DYO blocks of Ruby's that I've worked on and now are packaged up for mailing off tomorrow.
Totally my work on this block
After a phone conversation with Ruby who has had health complications lately, I decided to add that red tatted heart - an effort of friendship and heartfelt wishes for her during recovery.

Top right corner

I've had this idea for a while and finally have a block I could applique the Sun Bonnet Sue pin holder full of embroidered glass headed pins with many extras scattered around.  I then overstitched Ruby's irridescent zigzag trim with blue cretan stitches.

Middle and lower right corner

As you can see I've overstitched all the words and designs of the centre quilting fabric patch.  I added my red tatted heart and my name in the right corner patch.

Left side of block

I worked on a new pattern for a tatted edging an I think the gold cotton complimented the gold patch across and I dressed it up with blue beads.  That blue patch had me stumped but then I thought it does not need much more so just added the gold thimble button (cut off the shank) and added two gold safety pins.

The lower patch I used brown floss and blanket stitched various measurements and found a flat bead for the circle design on that one #30 mark and finished off the seam with a simple chain stitch.

Joint block

OK this is the joint block that we all work on so the owner of the blocks has a whole completed set arriving so they can just finish off their plans for the blocks.  (not sure that will be the case for me - I'm slow)  So I'd say these combined efforts are sprouting an awesome block here.

Upper left corner

Now this is my contribution to the joint block.  I used silver DMC metallic floss for the herringbone seam treatment and stitched strategically wine glass beads for pin heads.  Then in blue floss I overstitched the word "Tools" and added the gold scissors and cream thimble in place.

This is the second last block of this round robin for me to work on.  SOOOO that means my own blocks will be heading home soon - WOW I can't wait.  Guess I should go check the Photo Album and see what progress has been made on my blocks.

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Quayceetatter said...

Beautiful block and very nice tatted heart!! Linda in NM