Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another CQd Block!

My I sure must be in a stithing mood as I've sure accomplished lots this weekend.  I finally got around to a SewBuds RR block belonging to Candi H and am happy with my touches.  Then I tatted a couple of simple hearts and sent them off with a CQI Day Brightener card.  Yes I had three pacakges posted today!!!

So first off here is Candi's block after my embellishments added in.

First I had tatted "Sandra's Dainty Heart" but left off the trailer for the bookmark and I added in clear seed beads along the inside middle points.  Then using my rainbow coloured rayong braided ribbon I repeated the blanket stitched half wheel and finished off with a large pink bead.

Then I read that Cris did not mind if someone embellished her crocheted fan, so I found my hand dyed multi-coloured silk ribbon and wove that in and out finishing with a bow in the centre.

After that I tatted up a couple of Mary Donohue's Heavenly Hearts (just love this pattern), included one of my crocheted hearts along with a purchased heart doily (which I cut up and use in my CQd blocks) along with a card to a fellow CQer within our CQI as a Day Brightener package - hope she likes them.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the fancying up of the crocheted fan! Cris in MT

Judy said...

Rose Anne, I love the colourways in this block!!