Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Pics!

Okay I've finally something to show you!

This was from a play day at Brandy's (Ravenesque group) and what was leftover of Dianne's rolling pin technique from her fabric painting project that I used as an after thought.  See I was just going to watch and do my tatting!  YEAH RIGHT - it was fun and the girls were having lots of fun and I just had to join them.  I saw something in the paint on the rolling pin and just had to muck about and see what would come out.  Well, I will be CQ embellishing this piece as a dramatic landscape sometime in the future.

Now this crazy patched block is the "naked" piece that I'll very soon be embellishing in pastels from silk ribbon, beading, embroidery and motifs of tatting, crocheting and Venice lace pieces this next week or so.  This is for the Crazy Quilters International group for their Making Memories quilt project which is my second year of donating a CQd block.  Wonderful participation by many within our international online group.

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