Friday, May 26, 2023

My Day!!!

May 24th

My BD lunch with Pat and shaing my BP dessert. Thank you Pat!  

Half left on plate after sharing!

May 25th

What day!!! Started out leaving my phone at home after trying to pick up Edna and Jeanette, so return home to get it and retraced my steps. So a little late picking up Sylvia and Dianne at Sylvia's. So off we headed to Brandon to meet Edna's friends at Lady of the Lake for lunch. Loved the meal but service was a bit iffy and the gift shop a bit pricey but lovely! 

Then off to Mama Bears and just down the street Fabriculous (missed you both) before heading cross country to KickAss Country Store.   Thank 

Now stopped in Portage la Prairie at Boston Pizza for supper before the last leg back to Winnipeg! 

Thank you all of you for a lovely day!!!  

Now 10:30 pm, some 12+ hours later I'm home and feet up!

First off thank you to all who came with me on my crazy road trip! 💞💞💞💞  It was a lovely day, a might tiring but happy! Special thanks to Wayne at KickAss Country Store in Plumas for staying open late to let us shop!!! 🤗

AND thank you to everyone who sent cards, left messages, and called me, much appreciated!!!  😘

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