Saturday, April 22, 2017

Feeling Pained!

This past week I've had a headache off and on which is very unusual since retiring.   Anyways I've spent the past three days sewing up comfort blocks for one of my online groups that were supposed to be mailed out today but I started off with the wrong colour scheme and had to start over.  Also it took longer to applique the hearts than I thought.  I'll drop them off tomorrow and they'll go in Monday mornings mail pickup.  That darn card trick stumps me every time but this time my own stupidity in not reading properly.  I cut the smaller sized squares in 4 diagonally instead of only once for 2 pieces - luckily the white corners were larger cuts.  It was not going to be scrapped.  Nope I just removed the 4 center white triangles - sewed in larger ones and then extended the straight seams - VOILA it worked!!!  So it'll be a floating card trick!!!

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