Friday, April 28, 2017

Feeling Meh!!!

After my relaxing massage yesterday I went over to meet the new critters I'll be pet sitting in August and to chat a bit with the owners.  The collie (older and arthritic) seemed very friendly and even brought me her toy and let me take it from her before giving it back.  The young cat was not interested in me at all - did her own thing.

Now not sure if it was the mixture of the massage oils and bio freeze on me, the closeness between us or me holding her cookie (which maybe we shouldn't have tried so soon)  but she reacted gruffly snarling and because I was petting her I was too close and her teeth nipped my lip (don't panic I'm OK and it's nothing) and on the upswing rubbed too forcefully bruising my cheek but not cutting it.  Yes I got a tetanus shot about 3 years ago so I'm covered.  So I stopped at Walmart and picked up a new Triple action Polysporin with pain relief action, washed my face and put some on which promptly relieved the stinging.  After getting home eventually I repeated the treatment.   Hopefully I won't bruise, but it is a might puffy.  😜

Today:  Well I'm feeling a bit stiff and sore on that cheek but otherwise all is good.  I'll be going over there a couple more times to get reacquainted before they go and I'm pet sitting.

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