Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Feeling Frazzled!!!

I've two quilting classes this weekend.  The first Amaze'd has me stumped so I gathered up fabrics I like took pictures and gonna decide for sure by the weekend.  The second is a Mini Medallion and the day after signing up I had my fabrics picked out with the gold for background changed this last week to a sand.  Much better now.  So I've gathered up all required items and packed up for the first one already.  OOHHH and my plexiglass homemade extension table FITS my new quilting sewing machine!!!!!  I need that one for the medallion class as it sews straight lines while my Kenmore has a tiny zig zag to it - doesn't bother me but instructions insist on straight line stitches so im taking my new baby!!!  Fits lots better than with the Kenmore - see it was made for my old Singer which is gone.

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