Sunday, April 30, 2017

Feeling Drained!!!

But what an awesome class even if I was slow on the "get up and go side" - arrived just as class started and totally downhill from there till after lunch.  I think everything I sewed I also undid and once even twice wrong!!!  Wanda Steiner is an awesome teacher with loads of patience, compassion and even spunk or fun!!!  This was an intense precision piecing class and I'm glad I took it even if our projects were just started and not finished.   We covered the making of specific blocks and reviewed the pattern to finish off at home.  Considering this is my much loved fabric bought years ago for something but no specific project in mind - I'll be finishing it for MOI for sure.  I'm very inspired by what I'm seeing from my blocks so far.

Photos:  Wanda's class sample.  This is my beautiful new Brother machine I'm using - gift from guests at my retirement.  Sews beautiful straight seams.  Sewing the cut offs from the flying geese for corner windmill blocks.  Those flying geese on the left  are 2.5x1.5" and the HST on right are Itty bitty 3/4" squares (should have been 7/8s so had to fudge sewing up) - UGH!!!!  Here are more before trimmed down to 1" size for the friendship star blocks for inner border.  Trimmed and hope I've not lost them packing up to leave.  My Centre medallion block - 6" size and the start of the inner border friendship star - need 19 more.

Then I need to prepare the square in a square blocks for the other pieced border and then the fun begins for my outer border print fabric with mitred corners - the Centre block shows a bit of the design and the last picture has the print on the left.  Hope I have enough of it!!!!!   YIKES!!!!!

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