Saturday, April 29, 2017

Feeling Amazed!

Yesterday was just a lovely day.  Started off with a PanAm Clinic checkup on my bad knee and received a prescription for a better fitted Uploader One knee brace before my 2 years on the first one was up.  This one is a medium instead of large plus about 1.5 inches shorter - can't wait for Monday's walk to try it out.

Then picked up Edna and headed out to Headingley, lunch at Nick's, followed by the Assiniboine Circle Quilters quilt show -awesome, a side trip to Shelmerdines where Edna picked up a lovely Lug backpack with her gift certificate plus bought me an early birthday gift - glass tray for my watch/rings which reminds me of New Zealand, and then back home.  I promptly turned around and met Linda Lefebvre Mullen and Patrick Mullen for supper at Santa Lucia.  Needless to say I was pooped and this weekend of quilting classes both days!!!

Here are some of the ones from the quilt show I liked!!!  A second post with more to follow.  Beautiful show!!!

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