Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Thank you for Gifts Rec'd

Well I got back home late afternoon on Saturday and had a couple of calls from friends - one from Angela that I had to call ASAP.  Needless to say I thought something happened in her family only to find she wanted to have breakie with me sooner than later.  So Monday I was off and we met at Smitty's for a lovely breakfast AND I was given these lovely carnations and tulips arrangement from her parents.  Then she hands me a gift wrapped box and inside was this lovely "woodsy-like" angel which she thought was more representative of my Dad than a fancier one - HOW TRUE!!!  See she had given me a porcelain praying one when Mom passed on and now this beauty.  Thank you very much Angela & Bruce and Joan & Ralph, you are so thoughtful.

Now this arrangement is from many of my co-workers along with a sum of cash that I will be sending in as a charitable donation shortly in memory of my Dad.  I've left this at the office for all to see what they have given me and I will enjoy it Thursday and Friday before bringing it home for the weekend.  I did not expect to receive this bouquet - but am very pleased with their thoughtfulness.
I just love the compact but yet so beautiful arrangement!  Thank you my friends!!!

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Barbara Gordon said...

This just looks so beautiful...! What great colors were used.