Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

I am so glad that the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo Group started this project along with display coordinator, Hideko Ishida who along with her family survived the earthquake and the tsunami recently in Sendai, Japan.  This is a project for the whole quilting community at large, sane and crazy!!!

I personally will be preparing a crazy patch block and then embellishing it to the best of my ability and submitting for whatever quilt project the organizers choose to include it in.  It would be awesome to have a "whole" exhibit just from this quilting project and glad that Patchwork Tsushin will be working with Hideko and CQI on this endeavour!  Please stay tuned for future updates on my block here and check out the Japan Project page tab at the top under my header for more information and/or guidelines for this project.

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Barbara Gordon said...

Hi Rose Anne, I'm back in again. Couldn't sleep, so I was up reading all your feed-back on my little notes that I left. I must say, your a busy lady! Quilting is something that I wanted to do at one time, but with all my other hobbies and no family of my own, quilts just don't fit in the picture for me. I have thought of doing miniatures or at least one. My lace making, sewing, and other stuff I do is time consuming enough for me. Keep up the good work though.