Thursday, March 10, 2011

Final CQd RR Block Done!

Here is the block I received after the combined embellishments by Debbie S, Paula R and Peggy R and awaiting my additions.

I first off added this brown butterfly to the existing Hershey's patch, thought it was appropriate.

On these two patches I first used a brown Edmar rayon and embroidered the designs on the chocolates.  Then in the adjacent patch I found various chocolate resembling buttons along with the heart for "the love of chocolate" for the button cluster.

And here I had a ball!  See I sort of remembered there being chocolate hedgehogs so I did a Google search for a tatted pattern and lo and behold there was one and I was able to pull it off!  Then I tatted the Easter egg (as I love the marshmallow ones) adding matching seed beads within.  My other downfall is the Caramilk bar and thought these brown glass rectangles reminded me of that chocolate too - so in they went.

Here I wanted so badly to tat brown medallions for the cookie tops but the pattern just was too finnicky to figure out, even for my friend Michelle too, so I changed it to DMC metallic brown embellishments on the cookie designs.  Then I added a red heart button with sandy/brown floss stem hopefully resembling the cherry that originally is on the ice cream cone.

So here is the before picture of Cathy's naked block full of various chocolate yummies and next to it is wholely embellished block by her CQing friends.

I first dreaded ever receiving this baby as I had no clue what I was going to add to it.  Then when I started to see the pictures of what the other three had added to the block, well then I got ideas and except for that tatting pattern "went to town and had fun"!!!  Sure hope you like your block Cathy and I can't wait to see the finished wall hanging!

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