Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Tired but Happy!!!

OMGG I just got home about 6:30 pm from 9:30 am and I'm totally wiped and poured myself a glass of wine to help relax!  Guess I better get supper shortly!!!

First off our crazy quilting group has heard from Hideko, one of our friends from Sendai, Japan, who says she and her family are safe and well at this time but still not totally secure because of after shocks and nuclear plant scares.  I and I'm sure many others pray for the safety of those affected by this quake, tsunami and after shocks!!!  Take care!!!

And thank you to Jeannette (who woke this sleepy head this morning), Margaret, Ricky, Wendy and Gayle for showing up today at our Aurora Quilters gathering and talk about a WELL BALANCED AND YUMMY luncheon - thank you all - even without a dessert! But then we had raisin bread and cinnamon rolls for coffee! I even have leftovers for my supper when I relax some first! Thanks girls! I even prepared and sewed on my binding to my first bed quilt - yes this is for myself! So just to prepare the label and then finish off the binding and it'll be ready for the quilt show this spring and then onto my bed!!!

Then I rushed home dropped off the food and picked up my new Bay purchases - yes Thursday I dropped in to look for one item and came out with four pieces of clothing - totally not what I was looking for and all for $49.01 taxes included!!! One is a dressier sweater with awesome topaz like gems in various sizes that when I'm finished with the top I'll be cutting off and using them on my crazy patch projects!!! Yeppers two for one for $10 - not bad eh!!!

And off to pick up Pat (niece) and show off my quilt (which she just LOVES) and my new clothes (OKd them too) and then off to Copperfields where I picked up this awesome CQing book by Allie Aller - Crazy Quilting - Modern Piecing and Embellishing Techniques for Joyful Stitching and boy do I love some of her methods within (yes Ricky I'll bring it to the next meeting and also to Morden). I also picked up a neato quilt pattern by JWD called Giggle Leaps by Mickey Depre - The Ninepatchers - A Family Reunion and it looks so funky I'll be using the technique on my postcards this week and who knows maybe make a quilt or two for charity from scraps stash some day too.

Then Pat and I checked out Ming Emporium and I bought a few $1 greeting cards and she found a nice glass ornament and a card too. BUT she'll be going back there with hubby for maybe some yard statues or house decor - lots she liked there.

Then to CDN Tire and I picked up two mini mouse repellant sonic thingies and they are in the two main rooms along with the peppermint drops so I PRAY I have no more mouses visiting here in future!!! When I have some spare change again I'll pick up another package and then I'll have one in the sewing room also and maybe in the hallway! Thanks for the heads up Wendy lots better to repel totally than to have poison out and occasional visitors!!! My niece says if they work she'll be picking some up too as her cat is getting to old to be a mouser!!!  After that she was beat so we picked up Tim's coffee and Timbits for the family and headed to her place for a visit before I headed for home.

Then one more stop at Price Choppers for some laundry detergent and drinking water and now I'm home relaxing with a glass of wine!!! AND watching curling, maybe hockey later on too and if I feel like it clip my binding in place ready to stitch up.

Ohhhh and thanks Ricky for showing me again that needle threader - I'll have to open my package and USE IT!!! And thanks to Jeannette that I should thread up a number of needles plus anchor knot periodically so if the binding is accidentally opened it's not all the way!!! Lots of helpful tips today along with awesome food and friendships too!!!

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