Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy Patched Block Finished

Well I've finally finished one of three comfort blocks that need to be finished by the end of March and into the mail - wonder if I'll make the deadlines with the others yet???  Also, I've a SewBuds RR crazy patched block to get stitched up and ready for mailing for the 30th.  AND I've fallen behind on the 2nd week's DYOB stitch and now the 3rd week's stitch was posted on Sunday!!!  YEPPERS better get crackin!!!

Comfort crazy patched quilt block
Lower portion - closeup
Upper left - closeup

Upper right - closesup

OK onto the next one!!!  Oh and I forgot but I have a farewell gift to stitch for my boss for April too!!!  Definitely no lazing around for this gal!!!

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Laurie said...

I'm right behind you Rose Anne, I have the Hearts and Hands for Sendai, a DYB with another starting, and a gift I have to get in the mail. Complaining? No Way! I'm loving my stitching time! Your heart blocks are just beautiful! Keep up the fantastic work!!