Monday, March 14, 2011


OK I know I did a stupid thing but DANG it hurts and guess I better make an apt tomorrow with the Chiro for Wednesday!!! 

See I had picked up Maureen & Charles' two Ikea chairs that I just LOVE and decided to put a sign up in the apt mailroom to see if anyone would want my 1970s huge hide-a-bed, armchair, ottoman and the older large 19" TV and the previous caretake came to see it and took the lot!!!  WOOHOOIE!!!  So today they came to pick it up and I was helping with doors but honest not any heavy lifting.  BUT STUPID ME - there was no room in the elevator for me so I rushed down the stairs and into the hallway arriving before the elevator BUT wiped out on some water and fell flat on my BUTT and just missed klonking my head on the cement floor!!!  Guess I was a sight for the guys getting out of the elevator.  AND to add insult to injury they didn't even need my help!!!

Anyways, here's a HORRIBLE before picture of my living room cum sewing area in front of the TV and large windows.  You can just see parts of the ugly brown plaid couch under all the sewing stuff!!!

Now here is my NEW living room from the TV corner minus all the sewing stuff!  AWESOME EH?  Now I really have the incentive to sort and clear out that sewing room so I can actually get it laid out as I've planned on paper!  Eventually when Ikea arrives in Winnipeg I'll purchase new covers for these chairs and probably get one of their ottomans in matching fabric.

And here is the layout from the bathroom corner which also shows the cleared out hallway too.  Now that square end table in the hallway will be fixed one of these days and used as a coffee table for the time being but whenever I get the smaller recliner it'll be between the two areas and that round table gone. 

There is like FOUR feet between the computer and the sitting area - WOW!!! No more skirting around and knocking anything off the desk or pulling the pincushion off the armchair!!!  And maybe I'll get a half circle carpet for that area or depending on the costs just a nice rectangle as I don't like chairs moving on hardwood floors.


Maureen said...

It looks wonderful! - but what have you done with all your stuff?? I hope you haven't thrown everything away, because as soon as you do that, there will be something amongst it that you find you can't live without. I rather liked those bolster cushions on the top of the old sofa.
Ikea is great! - and their restaurant is so good,but putting the furniture together after you have managed to bring it all home, is never as easy as they say it is!

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Maureen and no I've not thrown out all the stuff, most is on the other side of the room at the base of the wall unit and/or put away in the plastic towers where they should be!!! Thanks for the compliment on the bolster cushions that match the aphgans - they were both made for me by my Mom who passed away in July 1999. Very precious to me and someday when I get my loveseat will once more grace the back.

Judy said...

Looks like quite a change! So long as the chairs are comfy for sewing and watching TV, that is the main thing!!

Joy said...

Looking good Rose Anne. I need to take a leaf from your book and get busy in my sewing room. Someday!!!

Linda Mullen said...

wow, that looks great Rose Anne.