Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Moving DAY - Monday - Day 3

First off thank you Amanda for lending Justin's time and muscles for my move, it worked very well with Dwayne's help too.  And thank you Margo for all your help in putting my COTTONS all back into the two cupboards - one less chore for me to do eventually.

The guys arrived 9:00 am sharp - WOW that's awesome - and we got right to work.  They carted stuff out and up (moved up three floors - now no one is above me to disturb me when I'm relaxing) and I worked on removing the doors/shelves on my three huge entertainment units - which Justin asked me afterwards if I was thinking of downsizing my furniture.  Ha Ha Ha those units were from my long time ago $2,400 649 jackpot winnings.   Maybe someday when I have to downsize to a seniors unit that would happen but not just yet.  

I kinda felt bad as I was running from suite to suite when questions arose and missed removing my drawers from my dressers - those guys didn't bother to load them on the cart either and I freaked seeing them cart them out.  I truly meant to do that and just forgot.  I said SORRY but they said it was OK!  SHEESH!!!  But they did complain about my huge units and even marked them trying to get around the corners a bit but not damaged, so a furniture marker should correct that.  BUT nothing got broken and they even carted up half of the packed boxes before they had to leave noonish.  See the Bombers were playing and they are football fans and I was not going to impose on that - good thing too as I heard it was a good game and the Bombers won.  So off they went and I continued even after Margo left to haul more up until I WILTED!!!

Talk about a laugh though, I had garbaged my old shower curtains cause I bought new ones for up here and when I started to get the shower ready realized I'd bought the "STALL" one and it did not fit period!!!  OH NO MY HOT SHOWER WAS A NO NO!!!  My poor aching muscles!!!  And to boot Shaw had disconnected my phone already bad enough I had disconnected the computer and brought it up but no phone too!!!

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