Saturday, October 06, 2012


With heartfelt thanks to Margo who once again came over for a few hours and between the two us we got the hallway and sewing room cleared of boxes and the books and Christmas decorations boxes from the bedroom.  We worked like clockwork and she's a slave driver too.  After the first load where the two of us went up together and Margo helped me unload the shopping cart she went back down and started loading up while I unloaded the other items.  We worked like this till 1:30 when I heated up pizza and we relaxed just long enough to eat then up to drop off the last load before she had to leave.

I can tell you that her eyes sparkled with approval as she looked around the new place and  said she can see I'll be really pleased with it once it's all settled and boxes cleared away.  Now to ensure all has it's own spot and stays that way!  Yes it's not perfect, but it is clean (except for the exhaust fan) and a very pleasing layout.  I've a new air purifier going and hopefully it'll clean the air of cooking and paint smells soon too.

I continued to unload the last two loads then vacuuming the floors and window slides and finding that I can't open my living room windows.  So much for using the RIGHT window cleaners who know our windows and how to put them in etc!  The slider was put in last and thus locked in place by the middle panel.  Oh well I need them back to wash my out going apt windows so he can go up that same day and just correct that slip.  LOL!  I have the shopping cart filled up once more and my large suit case full of bedding and blankets to take up but I'm tired so am listening to my audio book while writing this for a brief rest.

Guess tomorrow will be a full day again as I need to box up my computer and chair sewing stuff before Monday!

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Judy said...

Rose Anne, I am just catching up, so I read this post and then the one about the mess the new place was in! I am sure glad that you got it cleaned up in time for the move!! Looking forward to seeing the end results!!