Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Move is Done!!!

Well I’m totally finished with 209 and handed over the keys last night too.  I’m kinda ticked as Betty on her checkout list just noted G for good and she did note that closets and drapes washed and painting needed throughout.  There were bits and pieces of arborite edging that had fallen off but I had kept the strips so she noted they had to be reglued by maintenance.  BUT nothing about a totally cleaned apartment, even though I mentioned twice that I had washed all shelves, fans, bathroom and floors.  And naturally I CAN’T write anything but my signature on the form. (sticking out my tongue)  Kind of annoying considering the dirt/grime that was not cleaned in the apartment I moved into.

BUT she did ask twice if my hallway lights are fixed yet and I said no and it’s getting darker and darker upon entering.  Hopefully soon that will be repaired so I can have hallway entrance lights again.

OK NOW I think I’ll work on my kitchen - get the cupboard boxes unloaded as they are bugging me.  Would be nice to have a useable kitchen table and my freezer out of the living room!  LOL!

Also I set up my sewing machine last night as I have to finish off the last border on the charity Nickel quilt I finished off at the retreat last weekend.  It took ages but looks pretty spiffy!!!

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Jane Eborall said...

Congratulations on completing the move. Now you can relax and hopefully chill out in your new apartment.