Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lorrie's DYOB - Joint Block

OK I've chosen and completed the Sew It Up DYOB RR joint block from Lorrie's group and went to town with some of the many ideas I was collecting from online pics, catalogues and even from friends!!!  This RR was a bit intimidating for me as I thought HOW DOES ONE STITCH sewing stuff in reduced size and onto a 6 inch block???  Well with some creative thinking and help with stitch selections I think I'm going to be OK with this RR!

So first off I worked on the joint block and had no problem with the one seam allowance.  See I read and then saw a different pattern about joined tatted butterflies and thought I could do that with my simpler pattern.  Well it was easier in my mind than actually tatting it but after about a half dozen mistakes I got the knack and produced the trim length and stitched it on with seed bead bodies.

Then I found this lovely motif in a flowing design but unless you were lying down it really would not work on the patch I had chosen.  Not defeated though, I just chopped it up and stitched it on right side up anyways - like "redwork" but with a cream floss.  This patch I then wanted "pins n needles" for a seam treatment - now how was the question!!!  But while watching TV and cuddling/petting the two little dogs I'm sitting the idea came to me and boy was I glad they decided to go curl up on the couch not long afterwards!!!

See I thought of the herringbone stitch but adding Colonial knots strategically to resemble a stick pin border!  It worked too - was I ever glad - gonna have to use that one again I think.

Now was the real delimma - that tiny corner patch!!!  This time I sent out a pic and email to my RR group and asked for ideas - many good ones came back too!  One I truly loved from our very own Kerry L and also after checking out her BAS stitch recently the idea came to mind and off to the races I was - stitching like mad.  Even a bit annoyed I had to stop to take the girls for their nightly walk halfway through - but I was back at it right away much to the chagrin of the girls as they thought it was now bedtime and here I stitched till 10:30 (Lilla periodically let out a few growls that she was not happy).  He He! 

So there filling that 3-patch triangle is a needle and thread with a needle threader.  I thought that was so ingenious of Kerry to mention this motif but she meant to stitch on an actual threader and here I incorporated her Fishbone Stitch into a stitched threader!  Thank you my dear!!!

Lorrie's DYOB - Joint Block

Rose Anne's input on Joint Block

Stick pin border & Raised Fishbone Stitch BAS #73

Now I'm back to playing on the whole block (partial ideas stitched - need to be appliqued on) and pray I can finish it this weekend so I can stay focused and send it on before mail out date mid-month.

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