Saturday, October 17, 2020

Catchup - Oct 12th-17th

Oct 12th

Life's similarities?

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! I think I want an Angel tree! I've finally completed all these 9 Christmas and 2 sympathy tatted Angel gifts maybe 3 weeks ago and tonight did the head n halo finishing on 7 of them! The two bottom left ones are with crystals. Now when I get a chance I've a couple of snowflakes and a couple special Angels and that'll be the end of my tatted To Do projects for this year.

Great idea! I've always cautioned anyone approaching a dog I'm sitting to please not come to close especially if they have a dog. I just don't know what the reaction will be! Once I had to get between an agressive dog and my then passive dog with it's owner laughing at me as I crossed the street quickly. I was scared at first as I was sure a fight was starting then I was mad and gave him what for as I retreated, he still laughed! 😬😖😡

Oct 13th

Hmmmm driving back to Dryden was once again a lovely autumn day except for that wind. Did a few errands enroute and chatted to Adeline and happy to hear she's recouping from her hip surgery! Got back to see leaf bags were still out down the street, WAIT, ours are gone and most of the leaves have blown off the boulevard? Hmmmm who picked ours up??? Now relaxing this evening!

Oct 15th

Okay we finished off today posting signs for house, furniture, wooden eagle and large garage items for sale! Even did my first online CKDR classifieds posting with some pictures! Now pray Sylvia gets lots of bites! Slowly but surely this move will happen!

Oct 16th

😖😖😖 Go away, I'm not ready for this just yet!!!!! It's trying real hard but disappearing before touching ground! Even the deer aren't pleased with this change in the weather, huddling down to stay warm!

Look what Sylvia unearthed!!! I remember a visit when it snowed heavy and he came in covered like this picture!!!! He also had a passion for willow furniture and yard decor!

Oct 17th

Bloody !@#$!!!!!!! Never fails every spring or fall I get snow to travel in! But this time it's not deep heavy wet stuff!

Well most of the fancy kitchen glass stuff, wall pictures and decor along with quilted wall hangings are all packed up, ready to load into the car tomorrow.  So today I finished raking up the second fall of leaves, but left the easeway as not enough to start a new bag.  Now Sylvia is going through pictures for Len's Celebration of Life this Thursday (for immediate family due to Covid-19 restrictions).

OHHHH WOW!!!!  Sylvia hollered from the sewing room having counted TEN, YEP TEN, deer grazing!  I only got eight as two walked out of range.  Awesome to see the snow gone!!!

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