Friday, September 18, 2020

Catchup - Sept 6th-18th

 OMGG I didn't think of this!

Sept 7th

Awesone walk in the Bois-Des-Esprits Park in Royalwood, barely any wind!

Sept 8th

Dang it!!!! 😵 What's going on - 4 days now! This is the second time since February for a painful right ear/throat ache. Last time antibiotics didn't work and after a Dr call today same instructions, continue with over the counter Sinus/Cold meds and Polysporin ear drops! He said one needs 4-6 recurrences before checking things out more! 😳 SHEESH twice is too many!!!! 😵😵😵

Okay I know I don't do well with pain so I was desperate and tried a nasal rinse. Wednesday two rinses and Thursday morning went well and did open sinused up but the evening rinse was not nice. Rinsing my right side (earache side) brought on a nosebleed and increased pain. So will stop till earache is gone. 🤔

Sept 11th

OMGG guess I'm behind in my collage. Probably next week's appointment might be the last for 2020? Well that trial period is nearing it's end and I'm going back to my shorter version!

Sept 12th

Ooooohhhhhh I think they missed me! They went crazy for 15-20 minutes and now nap time? I'm so thankful to be your caregiver when Mom's away! That goes for all my pet friends! All I can say is I'm glad I'm feeling better to enjoy them!!!!! Now to get rid of this earache and I'll be a happy camper!

They were all over my legs and shoulder when I sat down. 

Not sure if she's eyeing my O Henry or Bubba across the table? 


So precious! 

She's teething bad!

I totally agree, if you won't dispose of your garbage properly then stay in/on your own property!!!!!

All I can say is "AAAHHHH"!!!!

Well while they were napping and later we moved outside and they were yard scouting, I tatted another angel. This was the last or maybe one more, then my special order will be ready for the heads n halos!

Thank goodness for reverse camera as I still had to contort to get these pics!


Sept 13th

Yummy!!!! Yams, asparagus and lamb burger! Oh and yes I'm having a glass of chardonnay too! And the scrub caps I've finished this past few days! More yet to cut and sew up!

Sept 14th

I had an errand out Komarno way and decided to haul Edna out for walk and picnic! Awesome!!!! Now a visit with Jacqui before heading back to the sewing board! 😂

Geese instead of people beach!

I didn't know this of Manitoba history! 

Fred Flintstone mobile! 

One huge poplar tree - had to cross the street to get it all in. 

From rakes and shovels. 

Don't try these steps drunk! 

Yummy picnic! 


Sept 15th

Sept 16th

WOW, this is from my niece's April n Brennan's wedding day. Three years already?

What an awesome escape from that wind within the park! LOVELY autumn day!

Along Shorehill just after crossing the bridge. 

This one too!

In total we saw six deer, various sizes. 


Edna spotted this one, I didn't see it at all! 

Another I hadn't seen before! 

Another one too! 

Can't give you the distance as I forgot to turn off the tracker, DUH!!!  But about 5 kms and average pace of 4.3 km/hr at the last read out. 

Sept 17th

Yeah I finished off 10 scrub caps (1 on reserve) in the last two days, does not pay to sew when tired as I missed one step and had to improvise like two steps later! But it worked! Next batch of 9 mediums has to be brighter colours me thinks! Then I'll have this order complete! 😉

MMMMMMM!!!! Baked salmon, asparagus and leftover yams! No wine this time, maybe when I get back home later for a nightcap!

Update: I don't believe it, I totally forgot about this and dived right into scrub caps last night! I'm so very sorry Toby! See I walked into my kitchen this morning and saw the lovely rose that Toby gave to all the incoming Executive and Chairs and then to all present! What a lovely and generous gift, thank you Toby! 

Just home after our first in person and ZOOM MPQ meeting! So very very awesome for some quilty gathering! It was well organized and except for podium speakers and break time, most wore masks. It was amazing to see so few in house but they'd switched to long tables and 2 per table so inevitable. You were to bring your own snack n beverage and no Library borrowing this time. Life as we knew it may be changed, but MPQ is trying to gather quilters safely again! My hat is off to all those to pull it all together! Thank you! 🤗 Now back to the last seven scrub caps to sew up, hopefully finished this weekend! 😉

Sept 18th

Ohhhhh now this was one scary part of my Australian trip! I, including all on me and my laptop (that captured the image accidentally as I was coming down the stairs) just about went overboard with this rogue wave!!!!! 😬

Yummy treat at Joe Black's after our Assiniboine Forest walk. We got fooled, it said only 7 with light rain and we got sun and 17C - totally overdressed!

Yowsers I missed this! Thanks Barb for posting! And I'm in the highest cases area!!! For mor information and the Interactive map where these numbers came from.

Relaxing with the crew!

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