Monday, June 29, 2020

June 29th

Well it's official!  I'm a SENIOR, in age at least! 

And since I've managed fairly decently so far, I've increased my savings monthly deposits plus arranged for monthly loan principal payments to be made too from my AOS!  Would be nice to go on vacation cash next year, that is if Covid-19 takes a royal hike out of this world!!!!

And the following logo best describes me, camera in hand!

Stupid me, stupid me, stupid me! 😖😪😕

I was heading downstairs, walking thankfully or it could have been worse, to switch clothes into the dryer and missed the bottom step and wiped out on all fours till knee, wrist and shoulder gave and I rolled!  Good thing the dogs stayed and didn't think it was play time or I'd still be down, maybe for the count!

I'm OK, bruised ego, skinned knee through my pants and jammed big toe that hurts worse. Probably will feel worse tomorrow or Wednesday! 👍🤗  Guess no walking for exercise for a few days!!!

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