Friday, June 09, 2017

Feeling Drained

And sore too after a totally weird evening walk with the Trailblazers group.  I won't be joining them in the future.  Jeane Gaiennie is back in Manitoba and signed up for a 'check them out' walk and snagged me to go.  Should have backed out when he gave us papers to fill in and sign for injury and photo release but didn't.  Then it was a joke when he 'geared up' in hiking gear (video cameras on his head in front and back too) and proceeded to lead us astray through bush, brush, campsites and finally (not with us) down along the water's edge on like maybe 10 inch strip of wet beach.  We did about 8 kms at a 4.5-5.1 km/hr pace with some ticks (not on me), armyworms, flies and mosquitoes.  He stopped many times for water breaks and photo sessions.  Jeanne was in front when a deer casually walked across our path and sauntered into the bush beside us.  It was lovely out and nice to meet others with similar likes but not with him.

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