Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stitching Friends Gather

Well it was not exactly "Family Day" activities for February 20th holiday, but it was a gathering of stitching friends for some food, fun and laughter that day.  See I'm house/pet sitting and invited my friends Florence and Michelle over for visiting and stitching with me so I could be home with the dogs as the parents had just left.  So first off - what a coincidence - Michelle walks in and the first thing she spots is her dough art piece on the kitchen wall - WOW!!! - which must have been a special order as she mostly used Ukrainian words.

We just chatted and stitched until it was lunch time where we had kinda a full meal - not a light lunch so to speak with Florence's yummy salad and Michelle's homemade apple crisp for dessert and I served the meatloaf and baked potatoes with cauliflower, onions and celery - YUMMY!!!

Then after lunch we got down to the serious stuff at the cleaned off kitchen table.  Michelle was tatting and is in the process of using up her yarns with a knitting mystery - WOW - then she checked out Florence's book that she's interested in.

Florence wanted to see if she could finish off the binding on my MPQ 2012 Quilt Reflections challenge piece and she just about did it!  I really like what she's made and I can see it gracing some cottage wall somewhere!

As for me, well I think I became the entertainment, maybe even frightening Molly to the bathroom corner with my laughter, poor girl - I did try and cuddle her to calm her!  See I was attempting to work on my china saucer pincushions in an attempt to have them ready for the MPQ 2012 Quilt Reflections boutique and kept having all kinds of problems.  I even scared the girls as I was using this 6" long doll needle and there were some close calls of piercing myself besides other happenings.  But with their help in choosing colours and buttons I did accomplish to finish off three of them and have a few more ready to work on. 
this was hard work and
and needed concentration
Michelle got a chuckle from this one

scissors caught up in the stitching

Yes, I'm hoping they are a hit in the boutique and again at Lace Days in June.

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