Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heavenly Angel

Yes I think that is quite appropriate for my newest angel's name.  See she is a free standing machine embroidered lace angel stitched for me by my girlfriend Linda M.  This baby took her over 10 hours by machine just to get the pieces done, then having to put it together was a bit more.  The head and wings alone was over 2 hours.

She has given me a couple of smaller hanging lace angels in the past - compliments to her awesome embroidery machine that I will not touch!!!  Linda was to stitch and gift her to me in the spring time after my Father's passing but has herself been under the weather with some awful back pains and has just recently started to feel better enough to get back to sewing.  So again THANK YOU very much Linda!  She's up in my china cabinet above the TV with my own crocheted angels so in very good company and where I'll see them often.

Supper together @ Wok Box

Front view

Back - complete with
wedding dress button closure
- machine embroidered


Linda Mullen said...

I'm glad you like her. She definitely was labour intensive even "if" it was machine embroidered but I am really glad the way she turned out. Those two close up pictures are awesome.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Amazing piece of machine embroidery!

Thearica said...

The angel is gorgeous! Is it done on an embroidery machine?

Rose Anne B said...

Oh YES Linda I am pleased with my newest angel and I've already been asked to bring her for shown n tell to our Lace meeting coming up.

Yes Thearica this angel is machine embroidered and it you go to Linda M's blog (link above) she has done two fully machine embroidered wall hangings that I am just amazed at.