Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Patched Nickel Block Swap

OK I again was one of the tardy members of a swap (first time in WWCQ) and this one I honestly thought I had tonnes of time to prepare and STITCH the nine - four inch blocks in the two months we had before Christmas.  Well talk about unrealistic thinking in my books considering other commitments in my back pocket etc.  Then the swap was dropped as a number of members had dropped out but then in January it was resurrected and a 6-week extension given so I jumped at it again.  See I had the nine blocks all started - I just needed to do the embellishing - no problem - or it should not have been!!!

After putting in a couple of weeks OT at work and then a quilt retreat which I worked on charity quilts that were sitting for a while too (all done now) time once again ran out but at least I was about halfway through when I found out I had the DUE DATE and MAILING DATE mixed up - SHOOT!!!  Anyways I did finish them off last night and today (3 days late) I Express Posted them and they should arrive in four working days in the USA!  I pray delivery is as speedy!

So here is the group picture of my nine blocks - they are similar construction, similar embellishments (not going to post individual blocks) and because of this I thought it would go faster - still not!!!
Now after participating in this activity I think that if there is a next time, I'll start right away with planning different crazy patched blocks, and also different types of seam treatments.  Then if by chance the number participating is less than the number of blocks I've made, and someone has made double, then I still can swap all my blocks.  This way who wants two the same blocks - I'll probably be getting a few back - that's OK - I'll just include them in some other projects!

Guess I better see what else I've signed up for and check the deadline dates!!!

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Rita in Kansas said...

Just wanted to let you know I did get #3 of your blocks and it will be the only one out of the set that I will use. Thank you for this wonderful work.