Friday, May 20, 2016

My Quilt for Fort McMurray Evacuee

WOW I can't believe I've actually met my deadline to deliver my top (64 × 75") and backing to be quilted.  Yep, I started pulling my 6.5" charms out May 15th, collected over the years via CanadianQuiltSwappers Yahoo group, after seeing on FB the call for quilts for Fort McMurray evacuees, and sewed up the 40 five piece colour strips.  Then before I could start the next step on the 16th I found myself joining Yvonne from Toronto driving to Dauphin for an overnight trip and back by supper on the 17th, too tired to do anything.  So the 18th I cut out the cream inserts, pinned and sewed the columns together, pressing as I sewed.  The 19th I sewed the columns together, measured, cut and stitched on the borders with just 15 minutes before heading for the guild meeting where I hoped to find someone who'd volunteer their quilting expertise for me on this quilt.  I was very fortunate to not only find someone but Alice Gibson also donated the batting for it!  WOW!  Today I cut and pieced together the backing, wrote up the label and finished again minutes before I had to drop off the front and backing!!!  SHEESH!  So hopefully I'll have it back around June 16th so I can stitch on the binding before dropping it off at Keystone Quilts who has kindly volunteered as the LQS drop off point for finished quilts going to Fort McMurray this summer.  Leslie is also going to have a sewing bee for this and info will be on her site soon.  OK now I'm relaxing watching the Blue Jays and hopefully recording the hockey game to watch right after.  That's it for me tonight!!! 

The backing is made up of two left over blocks and just enough cream for the centre panel, not enough brown so added the necessary colour blended strips next to the centre panel and the brown on outer edges.  My first unusual backing! 

This next image isn't crooked, just the camera is on an angle so shadows aren't smack in centre! 

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Renee said...

Rose Anne, your quilt donation warms my heart. It is beautiful.