Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dryden Quilt Show πŸ˜•

Well Sylvia, Len and I checked out the Dryden Quilt Show after lunch on Saturday.  It's small but well organized with 9 vendors.  The only dissapointment we experienced was the Boutique - members' donated items made for sale with revenue to the Dryden Quilt Guild that we were OK with - until we saw the prices on each item.  What a LAUGH!!!  Most items we've seen were no more than $20 - naturally I took back my striped wall hanging and let them know that was not fair - I understand they wanted to sell items instead of having them left over but they basically gave these away. 

Unfortunately Sylvia's lovely snowflake wall hanging and both our table runners were already sold for $20 each.  NOW they tell me that we could have noted a retail sale price - we'll know if we do this again.  Guess it was our fault for not asking too as both of us are new to this guild.  This is a basis of not putting a fair value on quilted pieces and anyone appreciating hand made items compared to "knock-offs".

Now Sunday after a lovely Seniors Ctr pancake breakfast Sylvia and I went back to the show and shopped some more.  I was really impressed with the Little Twister ruler and the Let's Twist Again book but I'd spent enough on fabric so refrained.  So back home for a rest and then back to do a couple hours volunteering.   

During that time was the Mini Challenge Choice Auction and at this time my hand sewn tumbling blocks were at $25 so I thought I'd bid for it back instead of letting it go so cheaply.   Well Joan the only bidder was annoyed at me and said to stop bidding for it as she wanted it, but I also decided I wanted to keep it.  So I upped her bid to $40 thinking maybe she'll stop as all were fairly low.   No way JosΓ© - she bid $41 and said no matter what I bid she was in charge of closing and would just upbid me again cause it was her's!!!  So I decided to let it go at $41 and hopefully I'll be able to visit it when I come visit for a meeting.  She also outbid others for Sylvia's heron hanger and it sold for  $45 in the end.

BUT when it came time for the Penny Auction draws, nine various trays with various items, first draw they called was my number.  WOW!  Inside were 2 tea towels, batting mending tape, pkg machine needles, hot mitts pattern, charm pack of brights, 2 quilting books, preprinted doll outfit to sew up, and from Serenity Quilts was a Triple Twister pattern, pkg of greys to black 2.5 strips, rayon top quilting thread to match, black fabric marker!  Would you believe before this I was interested in going back to buy the ruler for this and Sylvia said NO don't it's easy to figure out.  

Well I went back home with her and was showing Len what I won and Sylvia slipped into my bag my birthday card!  I did not wait to open it - inside was the ruler I wanted to buy!   Sneaky sister!  So tonight and tomorrow we are going to play with some of the fabric I bought!  Naturally instead of 5 inch charms pattern called for, I had the 2.5 inch mini charms so I had to recalculate the Twister template to fit! 

Nice visit!!!!

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Edith Csokmay said...

Sorry about the unfortunate "sale" experience you had. I don't blame you though, not sure I would have asked up front either. Your little pieced project is GORGEOUS !!!!