Saturday, May 21, 2016

Evening with the Crew!

Well I'm pet sitting for the night - first for me but allows Angie to enjoy the wedding invitation without rushing back to feed and bathroom breaks for the "crew"!  So while they were outside I put my salmon and tiny potatoes into the oven and the veggies ready to Mike.  Then let them back in and got their suppers ready.  SHEESH!!!  Fun and games like a baby each wants their's first.  HA HA HA!!!  And like usual all snoozing allowing me to have supper!  Now watching Hockey too.   Yeah Canada beat the USA in IHL World Hockey Championships!  Tomorrow playing for GOLD!!! 

George the playful one.  First time for us as other times he went to puppy kennel for lots of attention.  Earlier today we had tug-a-war with that green thing until I learnt to just hang and then he'd let go and I'd heave it into the back yard and he'd give chase.  Till I tilted in the chair and bent the leg - enough - at least it's an old one.

Bella the quiet one.

And Murphy who thinks he rules the place!

Yep all fed and quiet now.

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