Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slab Blocks - Update

YEAH today was a pretty good day as in two and one/half hours I stitched up the blue and gold slab blocks - that's now five in total.  YAHOOIE!!!  Gosh I think these 15.5 inch blocks are looking just AWESOME and I'm having loads of fun and trying to get more creative with the next block!!!

Oh and a fellow quilter has contacted me in regards to some fabric and money (for shipping) donation - thank you so very much Jeanette, much appreciated.


Laurie said...

it's looking great Rose Anne, are the strips and pieces you use random sizes, or a specific size? I love the look, and wouldn't mind trying one.

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Laurie. This idea is from "Sunday Morning Quilts" pg 48&49 I think and more information found on the Dining Room Empire blog of Cheryl's - in my Sunday July 7th entry (scroll down). For my blocks I was using up left over pieces so some are similar widths but it's "random" sizes fit together helter skelter (my thinking). I personally think this is a great use of leftovers!