Monday, July 01, 2013


Well I would say I started my day off on a very good note, that is after sleeping in, watching the opening of Canada Day in Ottawa!!!  LOL!  

Yes I set up a floor fan to guide some of my AC cool air into my new "studio" and promptly started pressing my separated HST for my MPQ ABC Bali Strip Challenge quilt.  There were only four blocks to redo out of the 20 pairs I was able to stitch up out of the strip package.  My nicely set up cutting table is just GREAAAAAAAAAAT! as Tony the Tiger says as I just finished up squaring up these blocks ready for the display board for the "Strip Twist" blocks planning.  This is coming together nicely and hopefully will make the September deadline for the finished quilt top.

So soon I'll head out to meet Pat and check out the Mexican restaurant patio for some eats and refreshments.  I'm also taping the Blue Jays baseball game for viewing later on and then maybe more watching of the closing activities and who knows maybe the local fireworks here at the Forks.

Yes a lovely Canada Day!!!

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tattrldy said...

It sounds like a fun day!
Happy Canada Day!