Sunday, July 07, 2013

OMGG So Much to Post About

WOW here I thought I was going to have a RELAXING weekend house/pet sitting for my niece and yes it was but still full of ups and downs!

First off July 3rd, 2013 a very inspirational quilter/teacher passed away - Heather Lair will be missed by many in the "quilting world" and definitely by her loving family and friends.  I am glad that I had the pleasure and honour to partake in a few of her quilting classes at the Gimli Quilt Retreats over the past years and will treasure my pieces more than ever now!  My sincere condolences to her family!
2013 - Panoramic Landscape class

My weekend of house/pet sitting was very quiet, I even snagged a few pics of items I truly love and Bell and Angel were both well behaved even in the Saturday night short lived thunderstorm!  I had tried to type up my Ireland trip notes but only just started - not sure when that chore will be completed but will have to work on it that is for sure.
Bell you are getting old too!

Then I heard about the call for Quilts for S. Alberta and jumped on that right away and challenged a few quilters in my groups, family and friends to help me get together some blocks to ship out to Cheryl A by month end.  Well when I got home I quickly pulled out the "shopping bag" not the "paper box full" of leftover strips and promptly stitched up my green version of a 15.5 inch Slab Block - more information found on the Dining Room Empire blog of Cheryl's.  I had sorted out the strips by colour and have enough for a red, blue, purple and sand/brown blocks - one took barely an hour so I'm hoping to have these finished in the next week or two.

I've also decided that I have to cut up more strips of my batiks and stitch up two more large blocks (short from the swapped strips) for my MPQ Bali Strip Challenge charity quilt top and that will be my mid-July house/garden sitting project at my girlfriend's.  I may not be progressing on my own UFOs but I'm surely trying to make a dent in my stash!!!

THEN I'm at the PC to upload my new pics and started to check my emails and WOW OMGG I won a Blog Give-Away today!!!  The Crazy Quilters International blog was having a give-away of a set of Sharon B's CQing templates and I thought they were quite interesting so decided to give it a try.  See I thought if I wasn't so lucky then maybe when I "finally" do get down to Australia I just might be able to meet up with Sharon in person and maybe purchase a set to bring back in my luggage?  That was my thinking when I entered the give-away!!!  WELLLLLL now I don't have to - I won the computer generated draw!!!  Lucky me!!!  Thank you Sharon for your kind generosity and Cathy for running this give-away on the CQI blog.

OK that's enough excitement for this old gal for the weekend!!!  LOL!

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