Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Disheartened!

Lately with all the family/friends/work situations happening I'm finding myself more and more disheartened with others, myself, my quilting and yes even my work.  I'm not sure what I'll do to set myself right but I can definitely say it's going to take something major after today's "situation" in regards to this weekends Manitoba Prairie Quilters Quilt Reflections.  I'm too upset to go into my "how it unravelled" and "feelings" at this time, I need to regroup and calm down before my whole weekend is wrecked!  My girlfriend even phoned me to "explain" and in the end said I was to apologize for "yelling" at the volunteer.  That got me - yes, I was very disgusted and had raised my voice, BUT I definitely was not YELLING - if I was the Hotel security would have come to investigate!!!  Yes I was rude and that was uncalled for, but considering the unfortunate circumstances hardly unexpected.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be totally disgusted either, maybe just not voiced as freely.

Also in the last few weeks I've come to the decision that I'll continue to blog about my "life", to chat about my joys, disappointments of day to day happenings including my hobbies (my autobiography so to speak) and it's up to those who wish to read it to check my blog either from my email siggie link or the "follow this blog" link (except for those few who want me to send it to them). 

Sometimes life stinks, but one must find the roses and help get through it!


Bobbi Pohl said...

I'm sending you a virtual rose.

piney cq said...

Hang in there sweet one! I'm sorry things feel so difficult right now. You are right tho.... find those roses and smiles to make the day easier. Take good care of YOU! I'm here if you need a shoulder to lean on! :)

Linda Mullen said...

I haven't been reading blogs lately or posting for that matter. So sorry that you are having a rough time. Any time you need to vent, I am here for you. I haven't been blogging much because I feel that there's not much going on in my life, although I love quilting, I'm often too tired to do anything at night or when you finally get your groove, it's time for bed.

Here's a big hug

fndlmous said...

Sorry I missed the fun--lol. There were a few times I would have liked to let loose during that show, and I probably would have felt better, not worse. You are such a cheerful bubbly person that no-one can stay angry at you for very long. Take a deep breath and buy tourself a new spool of expensive variegated silk embroidery thread. Than always makes me feel better Pat F