Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving Up in Technology

Don't laugh, this is major for me!!!

OK my cell phone contract is ending soon and I got a reminder letter WITH a $25 coupon towards accessories.  So this time I decided to go sooner and make use of that coupon.

Well this time the $0 cell phone offer was not an option as I decided I wanted a handsfree option for the vehicle and the Bluetooth was only available with a purchased phone for $30 - oh well it's been a number of years with $0 types - I can bite the bullet this time.  No I did not want a Blackberry or those keyboard type phones - I don't text and don't intend to - so didn't even look at the options for them. 

And talk about fortunate for me today, see they had a sale on the visor type Bluetooth units and the one I got is $130 on sale for $70 minus my $25 coupon so I decided not to quibble and just paid the difference.  I wanted to have my contacts transferred over but that's another $15 so I declined and just spent the past hour setting that up myself and this time entered in the 204 area code for local calls which will be a must this fall.  It's done.

Now just to connect my Bluetooth visor unit into vehicle power and charge it up and I'll be able to make the connection after that.  No I do not know what I'm talking about just read the steps and that's what it said!!!  LOL!  Wonder if I'll be able to unplug it and take it in with me - don't want to leave temptation visible for vandalism.  BUT I did read that to make a call I need Voice Recognition in my phone so back to it I went and searched and yeppers I found that option and tested it by calling my sister - who laughed at my "playing with my new toy"!!!  Yep I'm way behind the times compared to them but heck now I can legally use my phone while driving - no I didn't do that before just shut it off or passed it onto others to answer for me.  I've the univeral car charger that I plug the home charger into and it stay charged while mobie. LOL!

I can just imagine what my co-workers will think when I tell them - HMMMM!


Judy said...

Just dropped by to catch up - it has been a while since I have been here. You sure are brave going to one of those hands free units! I see people talking on them all the time at the mall. Now you can't tell who the crazies are, and who is simply on the phone!
I am still in the Dark Ages, and rely on my home phone, or the free ones at the mall.

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhhh Judy I definitely am not one of thoese with that "thing" on my ear talking like a crazy!!! Nope I refused that one outright because of that - actually met a guy on the sidewalk swearing at me and calling some not nice female parts etc - I lit into him and he promptly said "hold on some crazy is yelling at me" - that's when I told him to fly a kite so to speak!!!

Nope I only bought the one for the visor so I can take a call while driving. That's all!!!

Linda Mullen said...

Wow Rose Anne. Well I had upgraded my phone last year and also the year before. Since we have two kids who text, I wanted a phone that you could text with, the first one had a slide out keyboard which I liked but I never got the hang of that phone and Jonathan was lusting after it, so he got it when I got an Iphone 4G (before the 4S came out). Now I really like this phone as you will yours. It does have voice recognition but you know what, I haven't played with that and I don't have blue tooth either.. heheheh but I do text!