Friday, April 27, 2012

Darlene's Retired!

Oh boy, you know no matter how I was feeling, even if we had differences of opinions, Darlene was always there with her special comforting hugs for me and her unquestionable support!  AND I can't forget her almost compulsive encouragement to continue with my quilting and crazy patch embellished projects - she just LOVED my postcards too!  Well even though she always went away for four weeks on vacation in early spring - she always returned - well this year it did not last!  BOOO HOOO HOOO!!!  See she was only back for a couple of weeks and then more vacation leave to use up excess time before officially RETIRING!!!

Not sure if you remember seeing my Northern Solitudes hanger on the Oriental like bamboo hanger I purchased from Ten Thousand Villages, but she's always been hinting at my making a "fancy" Kimono to hang from it.  Nah, not my thing, but then wait is she hinting that she'd like that for herself?  Hmmmmm???  That got me thinking and as those who know me well - that could be a mistake - LOL!  So promptly I started to research what they look like, how I'd make a pattern for a small hanging and after many hours and a first rejected attempt I finally got the Kimono together and ready for the embellishing.  Ohhhh I had such high expectations for this baby - yes majority of them materialized - BUT heck I didn't realize it would take me like 46 hours in the next two weeks after the Quilt Show to actually get it finished!!!

Yeppers at 1:30 am Thursday morning of her retirement party it was wrapped and my short and sweet speech prepared!  I was even going to sign it so John (deaf co-worker) would know what I was talking about but he said "NAH, I'd be too nervous", so I let him read it before the party!  When I was called up for my small presentation I did a lead in which I signed and John chuckled and everyone laughed.  Kinda relaxed me but still did not help when it came to actually expressing my Thank You and Good Bye to Darlene.
Closeup of 1st Goldwork attempt and silk floss embroidery

Appliqued fans and silk fabric Obi

I think it was safe to say she was really surprised with my gift for her and today she told me it's already hanging in her living room!  Now to find the time for a visit here and there as she lives close by!

I LOVE this picture of Darlene but have to explain that she was having difficulty expressing herself during her Thank You speech with thoughts of our past ADM and friend Lorne, who retired a year ago and passed away a few months later.


Judy said...

Gorgeous work, Rose Anne!!! I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a long-time work friend!!!

Linda Mullen said...

wow that is beautiful, no wonder Darlene moved by your gift. Your work as always is exquisite Rose Anne.