Saturday, April 22, 2017

Feeling Pained!

This past week I've had a headache off and on which is very unusual since retiring.   Anyways I've spent the past three days sewing up comfort blocks for one of my online groups that were supposed to be mailed out today but I started off with the wrong colour scheme and had to start over.  Also it took longer to applique the hearts than I thought.  I'll drop them off tomorrow and they'll go in Monday mornings mail pickup.  That darn card trick stumps me every time but this time my own stupidity in not reading properly.  I cut the smaller sized squares in 4 diagonally instead of only once for 2 pieces - luckily the white corners were larger cuts.  It was not going to be scrapped.  Nope I just removed the 4 center white triangles - sewed in larger ones and then extended the straight seams - VOILA it worked!!!  So it'll be a floating card trick!!!

It's a Winter Wonderland Again!!!

I'm like a kid in a candy store right now and want to go out there and walk in the SNOW forever like!!!!!  I even did a video out the window today for my 'down under' friends to see it snowing!!!  Look at those HUGE flakes - that my imagination sees them as upside down mini umbrellas.  I've not see flakes so HUGE!!!  😀

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My First Seniors Casino Bus Trip!!!

OK I made it for my 6:45 am pickup at Holiday Inn - Colony & Portage -
on the way to Sand Hills Casino.  My first Seniors bus trip!!!  I'm the second stop and third person to board.

It was awesome to visit with Mary and do something different.  Oh their gift shop is not too my liking and very limited items too.

And relieved too!  Gambling is over and I'm good.  I left with $160 cash, minus bus $30 and $5 for bus bingo, leaving $125 for gambling.  I followed Mary's strategy and cashed out tickets well over input and at the end cashed them all in.  Well I'm coming home with $125 cash - going back into the bank.  YEAH!!!

Got home 6:15 pm and glad to hear the future trips will be leaving a couple hours later for noon arrivals or even evenings!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Walking Again!

Well I joined Prairie Pathfinders yesterday for their weekly morning 6.5 km walk - was quite chilly and I dressed for spring and was feeling it.  I'm going to have to smarten up and dress in layers better.  Also it tried snowing twice on our trek through Wildwood Park.  The large group was surprised to come upon these two who strolled to the other side of the houses away from us.  It felt awesome to get back into my routine too!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Well Mother Nature is telling us it's not spring just yet!  Yep its snowing out but not settling on the ground just yet.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Feeling Delighted!

On our way back from Dryden to Winnipeg we noticed a number of bald eagles, ospreys and crows/ravens circling up ahead.  So we pulled over and snapped a few pics then ventured closer but they all flew away except for a few crows and the two bald eagles in the trees.  But I CLIMBED the rocks for a better picture - yep them on the right side and the lower section - that Pat took a pic of me and this plant growing in the rocks and scrub.  Beautiful day!!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Dryden Retreat - ending

Our Dryden Sunset Country Quilters retreat is finished and we're all tired but happy with the projects.  I started last night this table topper gift three years overdue but had only an FQ of Mickey Mouse n friends fabric and two coordinating fabrics and had to find others to try out this table topper.   Pat suggested I do the paper math like Sylvia does and next I know she takes a picture.  Pat finished off another UFO and sewed up a donation block for the group too.  Sylvia finished off one section of the double wedding ring bed runner.   I couldn't resist taking the picture of a group member's Canada quilt at show n tell - I've similar fabric and need ideas.  And last is Sylvia's entry to the 'Canada Eh' mystery table runner - just lovely - congratulations sister!

Kathy Doherty threw herself a birthday party with 75 quilters!!!! Apparently she's 65???🤔

Dryden Retreat - 1st Day

Dryden's Sunset Country Quilters Retreat - OK here's the first post.  I started with a donation Canada block, Pat finished off a UFO in free motion quilting and decorative machine stitched binding, Sylvia is working on a double wedding ring project using Judy Neidermeyer's strip template technique and then I finished off the top of last October's table runner.  YEAH!!!  Oh and I won a door prize and I picked neutral fabrics w pattern kit for table topper and runner - like about 5 meters inside.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Lunch out!

Banh Mi King Vietnamese Eatery - 510 Potage Ave (across from U of W.  Yummy half gone before I remembered to take the picture.  This was Jeanette Olafson lunch choice with shared fried ice cream to come.  I'm also celebrating a Dr followup and a normal thyroid reading - Yeah!!!!  He said we're going to see what my blood work will be beginning of May and he's talking about dropping my BP meds - Yahooie!

This fried ice cream dessert was to die for and I'm glad we shared!!!  It was green tea flavored and delicious with tapioca looking berries.  Very different and on the list to have again!!!!

Good thing I walked there and back and walking while doing errands this afternoon too!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Back Home - Relaxing!!!

Feet up and curling is on!  That stint of pet sitting is over - the girls were watching since 6:30 as if they knew Tom & June were coming home.  The easiest ever even if they are spoiled and very determined when out walking.

Now to get my act together and ready for my weekend quilting retreat in Dryden with Pat and Sylvia.  Have to figure out my projects to pack etc.  This week I did sew up my 150th Canada celebration quilt top together.   Maybe work on some more of those blocks etc.

Still here!

OH OHHH!!! Looks like Tom & June and families have delayed departure from Mexico today. They were to arrive in Winnipeg 4:30am today, yesterday sent word arriving noonish and this morning email said not till evening. He did say this is not an April Fool's joke!!! Guess it's a good thing Tom asked me to keep Monday open just in case!!! I feel for them trying to keep the young ones entertained if not at the beach!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Anxiety level raised!!!

Not a good feeling after a lovely start.  But it's a first for me in all the years I've pet/house sat to LOSE the house keys.  Lucky Tom gave me the garage code and showed me where the spare was so I could get in and let the girls out after being gone 3 hours.  SHEESH!!!

So then out again and I backtracked and found them at the Thrift Store lost n found.  They were on my clip and guess when I unclipped the car keys from my purse the house keys fell off.  NOW they are on the keyring not the clip and spare back in its place.  Thank you Tom!!!

Clothes Shopping

Thank you to Angela who offered her opinion on pants, capris and tops I tried on at the Thrift Store today.  See I just can't afford to keep up with this continued slimming down so going for hand me downs for everyday wear!  So I got 3 pairs of pants, 3 capris and a top for $43 with senior discount and a $9.50 top at Giant Tiger.  They're all in the wash now.

Also thanks to June who left me some clothes to try on too.  I love the capris and top but the pants are too big on me.

So I just might be ready for summer except for more walking items from Walmart.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For once the dogs woke me at 7:45 - usually I'm waking them later than that.  So I was thrown off and after their breakfast, my shower and breakfast I was relaxing with them in my lap when my phone rang.

Here I missed my hair appointment at 10 but she fit me in 3:15 (I felt horrible as I was ready at 9:30) so I continued to veg with the girls till I headed home to meet my niece for lunch, check mail and then back to medicate Sadie and then walk and foot bath both before getting my hair cut.

I'm still thrown off kilter and came down to watch some TV only to find both girls eyeing me from the top!!!  Yeppers they were telling me I forgot to feed them - SHEESH - honest this is ONE bad day for me.  LOL!!!  Good thing they set me straight.

Ohhhh I've nicknamed the girls "Princess" who does not want to get wet if at all possible and "Tomboy" who hits every second puddle and rolls around to boot  -  I think you know which is which!!!

AND FB had an app or whatever that creates an 'artistic rendition' of your own portrait.   Well I'm totally impressed!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

All settled in!

All settled after our walk and quick foot baths and now snoozing while I'm catching the Russian vs Sweden game in the Worlds Curling Championships.

Well I'm not getting up at 2 am to catch the gold medal game of Canada vs Russia that is for sure.  And I can't figure our how to record on their units either so thankful it's repeated in the evening or I'd be crying!!!

Sadie wouldn't stay by me so she settled on June's sweater in their bed.

Mea had no problem and settled in my lap!

It'll probably take a day or two for them to be sociable with me.  At least they come to me for their walks and treats.  Will see about supper tonight.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Celebration Night with Team Comte!!!

Barb and I were at Tavern United for John's Team Comte celebration night.  I'm amazed I can still sign or at least spell out the word I don't know.

Also CTV came and interviewed the Team - with an interpreter - but not sure when it'll be on.  And Trevor your coworker came and chatted a bit with me - that was nice as I was curious who he was.  Lovely evening and even chatted a bit with John's two sisters - Shauna I worked with for a bit when I first met John.  Awesome evening!!!