Friday, October 20, 2017

Fibre Art Exhibit

And can't wait for Nov 5th to go check this out with Edna and hopefully Pat and/or Michelle and lunch again at Barney Gargles in Selkirk.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good Day!

Feeling relaxed after my visit with Tuesday Stitchery ladies and my massage.  Laundry in and Sobeys prepped supper ready to eat with my salad.  I bought the ready to eat garlic mashed potatoes and the Tuesday $9 tray of ribs.  Potatoes enough for 3 meals and ribs for two.  $13 total I think is a good deal.  And the Winnipeg Jets vs the Columbus Blue Jackets on my Tablet via Shaw Free Range TV!  What more could I ask for?  Well maybe a glass of white wine!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bobbin Lace - Lesson 1 Part 2 completed

That I've finally finished part 2 of Lesson 1 on bobbin lacemaking.  This one was a bit frustrating as I did not read instructions properly and then I too made mistakes and did lots of unknotting!  But I'm very happy that I persevered to the end.  And Mary's small rocker with my small TV table were just PERFECT for me to work on near her dining room window.  Now before I go onto Lesson 2 I'm going to redo this part 2 and follow directions properly - at least I hope it clicks in this time!

Section 4 - veining every two pairs w footsides.

Last section - veining after every pair w footsides. 

Again a big mistake - knitting and cutting off the wrong workers.

Braided finishing.  Not sure what to do with the last workers ends that were knotted and cut off.  Now to let this set 24 hours and prep the next set of bobbins. 

All finished - more ends for Michele!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Senkiw Area and Roseau River Walk

Feeling awesome and thankful and happy and energized even if my body is sore from our awesome Senkiw area and Roseau River walk and stuffed after the delicious St. Joseph fall supper.  Which again I cut back on my choices and amounts to leave room for my dessert!  They even had red wine and beer for sale here but I just enjoyed the coffee.  Thank you Edna, Mona and Lily for joining me today!  It was spectacular even that swinging bridge!  UGH!!!

Looks like an arrowhead - except for its size!

Into the sun.

With the sun.

The gears used for the old bucket pulley ferrying system for children to cross to go to school?  Not for me!!!

Myself, Lily, Edna and Mona

Just beautiful but downhill!  Lots of that on this trail. 

They do KAYAKING on this river - it's full of rocks! 


A round about and someone had to spoil the picture dragging that mattress down there!

Another downhill!

Weird shape from winds? 

Now it's uphill! 

Milkweed?  Was told this is poisonous to most but necessary for monarch butterflies? 

But what is this?   Interesting vivid wine or magenta colour. 

On the home stretch finally.   No more hills. 

St. Joseph fall supper.   I didn't take the tortierre (?) - meat pie.

Cheesecake for dessert - but they had like a dozen pies even the sugar one(?).

WOW WOW WOW!!!  Now someone came in style! 

The wind turbines were shining in the sunset! 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

We Got Snow!

Brrrr and waking up to such quiet I wondered what gives?  The I looked out the window and WOWed at the winter wonderland starting well before Halloween!   To me it's beautiful.  Just hope drivers aren't crazy out there!!!

It was just about all gone by 10 o'clock.

Lovely Aurora gathering of stitchin, gabbin and quite the enjoyable feast again!  I did some running around then back to the house for supper and relaxing.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with a Prairie Pathfinders walk out to Roseau River and fall supper at St. Joseph.  Can't wait - I'm smiling already just thinking of another new walking trail to check out!  Yeah I know I'm crazy!

Friday - Oct 13th

SHEESH this did start out all messed up!  I woke with the realization I had a luncheon with excoworkers to go to so rushed off to get my new tires retorqued before the weekend trip and realized I was running late so didn't stop at Vic's Fruit in that area.   Got dntn, parked at home and rushed on foot to the restaurant only to find out I'm like 10 days too early.  OK back home I head and find the painter was in and also patching in the living room which I had no warning - furniture not cleared away - so quickly did that before heading back to the house.  I'm getting out of the car and realize I've left my PURSE in the apartment - so back dntn I go to retrieve it!  Back to the house for a quick lunch and change for our planned walk.  Major headache going on!  Wonder if I should have gotten up today?

At this time Florence phoned and said to get my butt to Tim's and holler GO MOOSE GO and if they have you'll get free tickets for tonight's hockey game.  DUH!!!  Well Edna and I walked 6 km around Assiniboine Park and stopped at Sargent Ice Cream for our last treat before it's too cold then went to Tim's on Ferry Road.  I shouted and VOILA we got the last two tickets - so here we are - both of us at our first Moose game!  The Manitoba Moose against the Cleveland Monsters - too bad we lost!  Florence even came and visited too!  Another very busy day!  Headache kinda gone!

Blinking wristbands everywhere!

Free giveaways.

My panoramic.

The game is on!

Awesome seeing these young kids, some can barely skate, seeing their determination to skate and some to score!

Two different intermissions of this endearing entertainment.

Thanks Florence for taking this one!

Len's Birthday - Thursday Oct. 12th

Happy 80th one day early to Len at Famous Dave's!  All the family were there!  And Byran taught me to do panoramic on my phone.

Byran's panoramic trick to get ALL of us in.

My ribs meal.

The Birthday Boy!

Out in one big huff!

Grandkids:  Byran, Bradley, Tyler, Keirnan, Amanda, and Bethany (aka Brandon)

Daughters:  Diane, Audrey, and Pat

Len & Sylvia